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    how to increase client loyalty in your business

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    If you need help with developing your brand loyalty strategy, look no further than that douche who drives a BMW – they can teach us a lot!

    Because honestly, is there a more fiercely loyal consumer than a person who’s devoted to a specific brand of car?

    The automotive industry is a classic example of brilliant branding. With the strategic use of advertising, we’ve been conditioned over literal generations to believe that cars aren’t just vehicles – they’re symbols. They can represent freedom, adventure, luxury, attitude, ruggedness, wealth, family values, and – of course – status.

    (And I would know all about status, as I drive a booger green Kia Soul.)

    But it’s fascinating because this stubborn brand loyalty usually has little to do with what a particular brand tells us they represent in their commercials. It usually isn’t even based in fact – not the statistics of safety or longevity, the trends of reliability, the cost of repairs, or the recommendations of experts.

    It’s all about their personal experience with the brand.

    Someone drives a Subaru safely home uphill in a brutal snowstorm, they’re probably going to be loyal to Subaru because they feel invincible. Someone drives a Toyota 300,000 miles without it breaking down, they’re going to be loyal to Toyota because they feel safe. Someone loves the quick and helpful staff at a MINI Service Center, they’re going to be loyal to MINI because they feel appreciated.

    Someone drives an obnoxiously bright booger green Kia Soul once and gets a date with a supermodel (naturally), they’re going to be loyal to Kia because they feel like a total VIP badass yes this is definitely how I feel every time I’m at a stoplight in my car thank yooouuuuu.

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    Which just proves that despite what the branding industry tells us, it doesn’t really matter how much ad space you buy to boast about what your company represents. It doesn’t matter how cool your logo is. It doesn’t matter how great you feel your product or service is. It doesn’t even matter what you think your brand is.

    At the end of the day, your brand is whatever your audience says it is.

    Having an actual brand strategy is crucial in business because when you know how you want your brand to make people feel, you can make informed decisions producing content that reflects that feeling.

    But your brand loyalty strategy is all about making sure every interaction with your brand actually makes them feel that way.

    So your mission for this week, if you choose to accept it, is to develop your own brand loyalty strategy by thinking about ways you can better articulate the feelings you want your brand to stir up. How can you communicate what your brand represents in your copy, your images, your email communication, your social media content, your products, and your services?

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