5 Ways To Make Your Couples Session Unique


    I think we can all agree that rigid, generic, overly-posed, unimaginative, fake-smile photos are B-O-R-I-N-G and have no place on our walls OR IN OUR HEARTS, AMEN. Read on for five ways to ensure you feel less like cardboard cutouts of yourselves and more like your actual real-life selves!

    1) Pick a setting that complements your style

    One of the simplest ways to make sure your photos are a true reflection of your personalities is to pick a location that makes sense for your relationship. Where do you two enjoy hanging out? Where do you go for fun on the weekends? Do you prefer to be warm and cozy indoors, or would you rather put your boots on and brave the elements? Maybe a little of both? Choosing the right location for your shoot will help you feel natural, which leads to natural photos. Naturally. If you haven’t yet, click here to find your couples session style!

    2) Bring stuff that helps tell your story

    You don’t have to go on a shopping spree for Pinterest-perfect props, but if there’s something that has special meaning to you as a couple, bring it along! Maybe it’s a guitar, your dog, a picnic basket and blanket, your dog, a hammock, a frisbee, your dog, sports jerseys, your dog… What hobbies do you share? What do you love doing together? Also, you should probably bring your dog. Not sure if I mentioned that.

    3) Bring multiple outfits

    Having a few different outfit options is a really easy way to add variety to your photos. Be prepared to change in your car or a public restroom, or you can do what the pros do: layer your tops and just change your shoes. I also recommend wearing clothes you’d actually wear, not that shirt you bought on sale three years ago that’s crammed in the back of your closet because it doesn’t really fit you but you promised yourself you’d wear it someday. Click here to read more about choosing your outfits!

    4) Communicate with your photographer

    If you have a vision for your session, share it so your photographer can help bring it to life! Alternatively, if you have absolutely zero vision and have never done anything like this before and feel super awkward in front of the camera, share that with your photographer, too. The more they know beforehand, the better they will be able to plan and direct, and the better your photos will be. You can trust me on this one. And speaking of trust…

    5) Trust your photographer

    Ooh yes, you know I saved best for last! I have a whole post about this right over here, but the main takeaway is this: Being in front of a camera can feel weird and vulnerable. It’s your photographer’s job to make you look and feel great. Find one that you feel confident will make that happen, and then let go, have fun, and let them work their magic.

    Curious what a couples session with me is like?

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    March 24, 2018