5 Ways Showing Your Face Will Boost Sales

    Does the thought of showing your face online make you want to crawl into a soggy cave and die? If so, great news! You don’t need to show your face online.

    JUST KIDDING – you totally still need to. Isn’t breaking through comfort zones fun?!

    Yes my friend, as a business owner, it’s imperative that you show us your face because it tells us you’re a very real person who is willing to confidently stand behind your product or service. It allows us to connect with you on a human to human level instead of a human to business level, which we all know is not nearly as fun OR as effective when it comes to building relationships.

    So before you crawl into that soggy cave, here are 5 ways showing your face online will grow your following, create raving fans, and boost your sales:


    1. Boldly showing up as the face of your business will inspire confidence in potential customers that your product or service is worthwhile. Instead of hiding behind a logo or pictures from your portfolio, you’re standing up tall and saying “Hey hi hello! This is what I sell, and I know it will change your life.”

    Do you believe in what you’re selling? Do you believe it will change lives? Why WOULDN’T you want to claim ownership of something that would change lives?! Imagine if Barack Obama just shared one artsy photo of half his face on his website and the rest of the pictures used in his campaign were of the American flag. No thanks, buddy, we’ll have to go with Mitt Romney (omg can you imagine?!).


    2. Seeing your face on your website and social media channels will instantly build trust because your audience will understand there’s a very real person behind the screen. When we’re making a decision about whether something is worthwhile, on whether it can help us, we first have to trust it. Is this legit, or is it a scam?

    Scams are all over the internet. Knock-offs on eBay, catfishing on Tinder, photographers using stolen images in their portfolio. The faster you can instill trust within your audience, the more likely they are to buy from you.


    3. You’ll come across as approachable, which will make people feel more comfortable. They won’t be intimidated or put-off because they’ll see you’re a real person, just like them. Imagine if you walked into a boutique and the salesperson greeting you was wearing a mask with the store’s logo on it. SCARY! That’s what it’s like when your potential clients stumble across your website or social media channel and all they can find are logos and portfolio images.

    When your audience feels they can let their guard down, they’ll be more likely to interact with you – to comment on your photos, to ask you a question in your DMs, to send you an email about what they’re struggling with. Starting conversations will be easy because people will feel invited to initiate contact with you.

    The bonus to this one is that if you’re in a service-based industry, it’ll make your session smoother because they’ll feel like they know you before you even meet. No awkward icebreakers – those already happened online!


    4. Showing up as a human instead of as a business will help you build a community around your business instead of just using your online presence to market at people. Your audience will start to feel invested in your mission when they know who’s behind it, which in turn will help them feel important.

    And the coolest thing about being part of a community? Everyone supports each other! So congratulations; by welcoming your audience into your space, you’ve produced raving fans for your business. Even if your community members never, ever buy from you (maybe they simply don’t need what you’re selling), you can bet your cute bum they’ll tell their friends about you.


    5. Being the face of your business will make your brand more interesting. Humans are naturally curious, and we’re also naturally drawn to other humans. We could not possibly give less of a shit about what Target’s mission statement is – we just want to know if they have our deodorant in stock!!

    But when it comes to small businesses, the soul behind the logo is a critical part of our buying decision. We want to buy from a real person who shares our values. Who makes us feel remarkable. Who is doing their part to improve society. Who can help us become better versions of ourselves.

    YOU ARE THAT PERSON. But it’s your duty to prove it, and you must start by showing us your face.

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    May 5, 2020