10 Date Ideas for Cold, Wet, Stupid February


    10 Date Ideas for Cold, Wet, Stupid February

    (When All You Want to Do is Sit On The Couch)


    1. Play a game

    Board games (dust off the Monopoly!), video games (bust out the Nintendo!), card games (strip poker, duh) tag (will probably end in a broken vase, but worth it), hangman (like Wheel of Fortune, but more graphic considering you’re hanging a man), 20 questions (or 25 if you need a few extra), drinking games (SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!), word games (take turns saying one word at a time and make a story! Record or write down for extra hilarity), challenge games (who can wall sit the longest?), mind games (who can be more passive aggressive? …On second thought, mind games would make for a terrible date, don’t play those).

    2. Go outside

    Yeah, I know – not the most appealing idea when it’s cold and wet outside – but if you get cold and wet you can come back in to get warm and cozy! How about puddle jumping, a nearby hike, throwing the ball for your pup, a neighborhood jog, or finding a new park?

    3. Paper airplane duel

    Find an online tutorial for the best paper airplanes and start folding! Wanna up the stakes? Winner gets a shoulder rub! Loser has to take out the garbage for a week!

    4. Make something together

    Yeah, you can make ANYTHING! Put together some Ikea furniture, record a song, take on an impossible Pinterest project, can some peaches, plant herb seeds, paint along with Bob Ross.

    5. Teach each other something

    How to change a tire, how to play guitar, how to play keytar, how to flip a pancake perfectly, how to develop film – is there something one of you always ends up doing because you just do it better? Share it!

    6. Cook together

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert – it doesn’t matter, just get in the kitchen and start throwing food into pans! Bonus points for brand new and complicated recipes that require teamwork.

    7. Plan a trip

    Where do you both really want to go? Why not start planning now?! Bust out the notebooks, the laptops, the travel guide you bought at a thrift store in 2015, and start making a loose itinerary.

    8. Share your bucket lists

    We all have them – but have you ever actually written yours down? What are 10 things you want to do while you’re a living, breathing human on this planet? Jot them down, then share them with each other!

    9. Be tourists in your own city

    When was the last time you explored your town? Do a quick internet search for things to do in your city, or look for a current events calendar. A weekend festival, a live band, whiskey tasting, volunteer opportunities, a restaurant that just opened – you never know what treasures you’ll find when you take a few minutes to look.

    10. Book a mini photography session with asia dore (ooh – that’s me!) for a totally effortless reminder of what it feels like to be absolutely freaking adored by each other!


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    February 4, 2019