Stylist Mandie, Hairystylist

    Dusty Hegge, Houseplant Educator

    Amanda Jenson, Health + Wellness Coach

    Zoe Burchard, Wedding Photographer

    "I’ve been a busy hairstylist for a while now, but the difference is that now I’m busy with more of the exact clients I want. The ones who sought me out for who I am, what I offer, and the way I offer it. As a result, I’m feeling more fulfilled after a day of work instead of burnt out and grumpy. It’s been quite the shift and it would not have been possible without you!"

    "I am so grateful for you and how worked so closely with me to elevate my brand and truly bring it to life! To this day I reguard investing in brand images from you as the best, most valueable investment I have made in the 5+ years I have been in business. Working with you is always so fun! You make me feel comfortable in front of the camera and we laugh so much. I am seriously always amazed at how beautifully you capture my personality and brand."

    "Working with you was so easy as a first time model! You made me feel at ease and even helped me find my confidence so my personality could show through. Your style perfectly fit the feel I was going for with my brand. The photos completely fit my website and showed what I was trying to communicate to my clients. The product was incredible and working with you was easy breezy and so much fun!

    "Working with you was absolutely wonderful! I really appreciate how much you put into getting to know me and my brand so you could put 100% of yourself into our session. I knew from our interactions online that you were going to be the best choice for my brand photos. They go perfectly with my website, show my character, and have been helping attract the right kinds of clients, people I really jive with who I can serve in the best ways."